At Cadillac Fabrication, we are our customers’ first choice for all of your structural steel construction needs. We are experts in designing and crafting everything from steel beams, columns, stairs, and decks to steel platforms, mezzanines, enclosures, ductwork and ladders. When it comes to general contractor structural needs, Cadillac Fabrication will help you by staying involved and working to find a solution to every challenge.

Our team of designers and engineers will work with you to create the perfect specialized fabricated steel structures, units, or design elements. We are committed to the quality of your structural steel construction needs, and contractors, engineers, and fabrication-minded professionals trust us to deliver top-quality framing materials and structures to complete your project, expand your services, or improve your business.


At Cadillac Fabrication, we excel in architectural, ornamental, handrail, ladders, and other specialized or engineered applications of structural steel. We deliver creative problem-solving, engineering better ways to make your structural steel projects come to life.

Have a custom structural steel project, or something not so run-of-the-mill? It’s no problem for Cadillac Fabrication, and we’d be glad to assist you. Contact us today to find out why contractors, engineers, and others looking for structural steel fabrication solutions trust Cadillac Fabrication for their steel fabrication needs.

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